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EvoWars.io presents an exciting IO gaming experience within a top-down online battle arena. Embark on a journey to gather mystical orbs, experience heart-pounding battles against other players, and watch your warrior grow and evolve before your very eyes. With every evolution, your weapon range receives a boost, albeit at the cost of reduced movement speed. How numerous will your conquests be before destiny catches up with you?

How to Play

Step into the virtual battleground, strategically collecting orbs to transform your warrior into more majestic forms. Wield various weapons to defeat your enemies, like swords, axes, and more. Keep pushing forward in the fight until your opponents inevitably stop your progress. See how the journey of evolution unfolds before reaching the unavoidable moment of reckoning!


  • When you’re starting at a lower level, put your focus on gathering orbs located around the perimeter of the map. Keep in mind that as you grow larger, your weapon’s range will improve, but your speed will decrease. Stay vigilant and careful!
  • Take advantage of your faster movement while you’re still small. Use this speed to your benefit by adopting a more evasive playstyle when you’re at a lower level.


  • Experience a thrilling slashing gameplay as you strategically eliminate your opponents.
  • Unlock the potential to grow larger and access over 15 unique character models through leveling up and evolving.
  • Shape your gameplay by defining your individual style, and seize every opportunity for maximum advantage.
  • Harness a sprint ability that comes at the expense of your experience points, granting you swift movements in critical moments.



The Developer of EvoWars.io is Night Steed Games.


  • Move your mouse to control the character’s movement
  • Left click to attack.
  • Right-click to sprint.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS

Release Date:

March 2018

Last Update:

May 2023


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