FNF Vs Rainbow Friends

FNF Vs Rainbow Friends mod, where the beloved Roblox characters make their debut in the Friday Night Funkin’ universe. Your mission? Assist Boyfriend in using his vocal talents to escape from the enigmatic amusement park known as Odd World. Brace yourself for a series of rap battles against the four Rainbow Friends: Blue, Green, Orange, and Purple. As the beats of “Friends To Your End” fill the air, each of them will engage Boyfriend in a rhythm-infused showdown. With unique gestures and their own distinctive musical cadence, they’ll strive to win his admiration. Stay sharp and focused as you dive into this high-speed and occasionally spine-tingling musical face-off!

FNF Vs Rainbow Friends, a captivating Friday Night Funkin’ Mod that pits Boyfriend against a lineup of challengers including Blue, Green, and more.

Entertaining the audience with a sole tune titled “Friends to the End.

Rainbow Friends presents a Roblox mini-game scenario where players embark on an ordinary field trip, only to find themselves ensnared within the confines of a laboratory.

Friday Night Funkin Vs Rainbow Friends Mod Credits:

Key Roles in OreoMewza Project:

  • OreoMewza: Director, Modeling & Animation, Character Design
  • Null: Composer
  • Tinee: Green Modeling
  • Tekno: Artist, Programmer

Explore the BTAEE Roblox Game:

  • Press ‘Enter’ to access the director’s game featuring the mod’s models.
  • Download the mod for your impressive PC experience at the provided link. Free Download

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Game Engine Acknowledgments:

  • Shadow Mario: Lead Programmer
  • bbpanzu: Supplementary Programmer
  • RiverOaken: Lead Artist/Animator
  • Also, a big thank you to everyone who contributed on GitHub.”

The primary objective of this web-optimized port is to enhance accessibility for players who may not have the capacity to enjoy FNF and this mod on lower-end PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, Linux systems, or those unable to run EXE files on their computers. Additionally, it aids in conserving valuable hard drive space. It’s important to note that this online web port might exhibit minor differences or omit certain mechanics compared to the PC version. Therefore, if you have access to a PC, obtaining the PC version for the most comprehensive experience is also recommended.

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