Wholesale Cardboard Shoe Boxes: An Effective Way to House Your Footwear Products.

Nowadays people are following the trend of using athletic apparel in their daily lives. This has increased the demand of  packaging, exclusively in the shoe market. There is a high competition in which different brands are struggling to catch the major share of the market. One way to get this done is by using effective packaging for your product.   

This blog post will cover different aspects of Cardboard Show Boxes Wholesale. A pair of shoes is incomplete, if  not placed in an elegant shoe box. It should be kept in mind that the quality of packaging reflects the quality of the product, so the packaging must be top-notch in nature and free from all flaws in every way.  

Below we will discuss the considerations that should be kept in mind regarding shoe box packaging:

It must be kept in mind that the functionality of your shoe box must not be compromised by the design of your box. The unboxing experience must be kept as convenient as possible for the ease of customers. Choose a kind of box that is easy to handle for the customers. Boxes must also be stackable on top of each other for the purpose of storage in warehouses. While in storage these boxes must be checked regularly because when they are exposed to a damp environment, termites and mold can contaminate them which in turn can also damage the product I.e. the shoes. To avoid this situation the shoe boxes must be stored in a cold and dry place. 

Every brand should thoroughly think about the branding strategy that they want to use in their packaging. The manufacturers should decide what kind of information they want to communicate on their shoe boxes like the logo of the brand and slogan of the brand etc.  The material of the box must be chosen with great care. The brands can go for cardboard material if they want excellent printing results for their packaging. It can also be used to produce cardboard shoe boxes for shipping. Environment-conscious manufacturers can also choose eco-friendly materials like kraft corrugated stock.

Shoe manufacturers should select a professional company for their packaging solution. That way the company can assist the brands in every step of the packaging process from choosing the material to choosing the design of the box and then to choosing the type of printing that will be used on the boxes. The turnaround time is also a key factor in choosing a packaging company.

Different options available for Shoe Boxes are discussed below:

The shoe boxes are mainly made from cardboard and corrugated cardboard. For excellent printing results cardboard is s used and to add an extra layer of protection for the corrugated cardboard is used. If a brand wants to add premiumness to their product they can also opt for rigid cardboard stock material. This is very sturdy in nature. These materials are considered eco-friendly and are not harmful to the environment like plastic. Shoe boxes can be made in different sizes and shapes according to the requirements of the manufacturers.

The manufacturers have a lot of design options for their shoe boxes to choose from. Mainly Mailer Boxes, Drawer Boxes, and Lid & Base Boxes used for Cardboard Shoe Boxes. Mailer boxes have interlocking flaps in the front, that way the box remains in one piece only. In the Drawer box, there are two pieces. One is the tray that houses the shoes and the other which is used to cover the product. It is closed from one side. The Lid & Base boxes are also two-piece boxes. One serves as the lid and the base houses the shoes in it. In the case of Rigid Cardboard Stock another type of box is used which is known as a magnetic closure box. This is considered the peak of premium packaging. In this kind of box instead of interlocking flaps used in mailer boxes, magnets are used to fix the box in the front and to keep the product safe inside.

Different customization options are available for shoebox packaging. For Example; Metallic Foiling, Spot UV coating, Matte or Gloss Lamination, Embossing etc. Ribbons could also be added in drawer boxes or handles can be installed in the lid & base and mailer boxes for making the boxes easy to carry for the customer.  The Shoes can also be wrapped in different papers inside the box.

The benefits of using shoe boxes cardboard are as follows:

By using shoe boxes made out of cardboard the product remains properly secured inside the box. Effective Packaging can create a lasting impression of your brand on the product. As cardboard is an eco-friendly material, so the customers will appreciate your brand for not choosing non-biodegradable materials like plastic. The use of plastic is minimal this way, which is both cost-effective as well as good for the environment. This will create awareness about your brand and customer loyalty can be gained. That way your sales will sky-rocket in no time.

The manufacturers can also opt for Wholesale Cardboard Shoe boxes. By using them the companies can get a lot of benefits. These include reduced per-unit prices, a decrease in shipping costs due to ordering in bulk quantity, lower storage costs, and better inventory management. All of these factors pave the path to success for the brands in the long run.


As we’ve discussed packaging plays a key role in uplifting your brand in the market and how by choosing a professional packaging company the manufacturer can achieve their desired milestones, so only one question arises in the minds of the shoe manufacturers is “where can I buy cardboard shoe boxes” then Custom Designs Boxes provide the one-stop packaging solution which they need. Visit them at and secure a bright future for your brand.

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